Welcome to the Solaris BuyCraft web store! Here are some Frequently Asked Questions.

How long until the purchase goes through?

Could be up to 15 minutes from purchase, but usually much shorter.

Help! I haven't got what I paid for!

If it has been over 15 minutes after paying, please contact an admin/owners. Be ready to have proof of payment and which server your purchase was for (eg. an invoice, credit card statement, transaction ID etc).

Could I get a refund?

There is a no refund rule, no matter what. If you do charge back, you will have a permanent ban.

What happens if I charge back?

In the time of a charge back, dispute, or claim, you will be automatically banned from our server by BuyCraft. We will report the transaction to not only BuyCraft but also to law enforcement. Fraud is illegal and will not be tolerated.